"TAPAS" Time

A HEALTHY GOURMET GIFT SELECTION of 5 Spanish appetizers. We test all our products on-site, in bars, dinner tables, parties to ensure a pleasant experience, you can feel good about sharing with your family. Surprise your guests with an enchanting, cured collection of premium Snacks. Let us bring cheer and fun to the table. Take your loved one on a discovery trip with new flavors. No cooking needed. plenty for a Party 4-6. 

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.FREE SHIPPING. Are you looking for a healthy appetizer set? Let us bring cheer and fun to the table. Deliver taste & enjoyment with “Boqueria”  Tapas Tines box. Entertain, in a sophisticated way. Artisan. Natural. Non-GMO. Low Sugar. Gluten-Free. No additives, and no artificial Coloring. Foodies, Connoisseurs, this One is for You. Time to Upgrade Your Snack.

ARTISAN Selected Gordal Olives, the Queen of olives for taste and size, seasoned w/ Garlic-Rosemary our fabulous  Mediterranean recipe. /2- Our Rose petals jam come from the Rosa de Castilla variety, it has an exceptional bouquet and a distinctive flavor .60% fruit, 100% natural. Experiment to create the most exquisite flavor in every bite. A provocative gift from Spain.

HANDMADE Orange and Almonds Cake a combination of, Orange from the Valencia variety and premium Spanish almonds., Invigorating, Immune booster with antioxidant properties./-Tender Scallops selected one by one, the most appreciated mollusks, with our renowned Galician sauce. A heavenly gift for cooking lovers, gourmet, and wine lovers 

TRADITIONAL HOMEMADE Caramelized “Reca” variety Onion Jam with Port and Sultana Raisins. You can use our Spectacular GOURMET Box Selection on delicious dessert, Cheese, Jams, ice cream, Vegetables, Bread, Salads, Crackers, or a glass of wine or beer. We take pride in all our ingredients, mix them, or eat them in a purist way.

A MEDITERRANEAN DIET loaded with vegetables and olive oil provides protection against depression, anxiety, and elderly cognitive decline. A diet full of fresh fruits, veggies, and grains, is also associated with higher reported happiness and lower rates of depression. Say thank you with these SUPERB gift Appetizers/ TAPAS  Times set.