Canned food was invented in the early 1800s by a French man named Nicolas Appert, the original canned goods were created to solve a major conundrum. The French were at war in the late 1700s and, with few ports open, they were largely dependent on dried and smoked foods. These foods would often spoil or cause deficiency diseases, thereby weakening the military forces. The French government offered a prize of twelve thousand francs to anyone who could develop a preservation method for foods that would result in fewer health issues. Nicolas Appert, a brewer, and distiller, worked for years until he solved the problem, introducing the first canned goods to his country, and winning the prize.

In Spain the canned seafood is called conservas, the industry started around 1840, after a French sailboat shipwrecked and the Spanish discovered the wise French invention. Within a year they built the first factory with the aim of canning fish and shellfish. Spain’s products were always distinguished for its high quality. Today Spain is one of the primary producers of canned goods in the world.

Spanish conservas are considered among the best-canned goods in the world, and some products cost up to sixty-five times more than a good steak. With that kind of price tag, they may be considered luxury products, but most people make room in their budget for a can or two every now and then.

The secret of our business is to select the best products, source size, and to clean them carefully. We cook them to perfection. Some of our products are cover in an elegant and light escabeche sauce made of olive oil, white vinegar, sweet paprika, bay leaf, and salt.