Olive Oil

The history of Olive Oil is linked to the cultivation and usage of the olives in the Mediterranean culture.

The production of olive oil has shaped the destinies and the culinary style of Mediterranean countries.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only oil, that comes directly from the squeezed of the olive fruit.


Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)might be helpful for people who want to lose weight because it provides satiety and contains healthy fats that could stimulate weight loss. It is recommended to consume in moderation, as it can have a laxative effect on the body.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) oleocanthal content, has an anti-inflammatory action that helps reduce pain associated with joints and muscles.

Also Because of its high content of monounsaturated healthy fats and Oleic acid, EVOO could delay or prevent mental deterioration, which is linked to mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. A recent study found that people who use olive oil in their diet often have less incidence of cancer.