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Picasso Gourmet Gift Basket 5 Spanish Cooking Food items
$54.95 $62.50

Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), 100% Picual variety, called the green gold from Spain Distinguished by its golden color. The Picual variety has an intense flavor and subtle complexity for dressing up any dish. Our olives are handpicked at the peak of ripeness, then cold-pressed the same day for maximum flavor. Origin Jaen 8.5 Fl. Oz.

 Balsamic Vinegar cream from Pedro Ximénez grape; done with the workmanship of Montilla-Moriles an area recognized as the birthplace of vinegar(3000BC), The production method starts by drying the grapes under the hot sun, to concentrate the sweetness. When they are ready, they are crushed and put into oak barrels. The result is a cream with rich flavor & aroma. Origin Cordoba 8.46 Oz

Green Olives Tapenades combines the rich Mediterranean flavors of olives in a delicious combination of tapenade spreads.  We craft our Mediterranean Tapenade with premium hand-picked stone ground Manzanilla Olives (98%), EVOO, and 5 peppers varieties. The result is an authentic Mediterranean taste that is perfect on its own or as a unique ingredient in your favorite recipes. Origin. Sevilla 4.5 oz.

✔ Spicy Smoked Paprika from “La Vera”. This product has a tradition of more than 130 years following the original quality process. Used by Top Chef Winner 2017. There are no limits to use this stunning gourmet product. Origin Caceres 1.41 Oz.  

 ✔ Citric Flavored Sea Salt Flakes is zesty, flavorful made of a blend’s orange, lemon, and limes peels, to create a perfect citrusy accent to your favorite food. No preservatives, and No Artificial Coloring. Origin Caceres. 5.64 Oz. ✔MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEFREE SHIPPING. A brilliant GOURMET GIFT for cooking fans, foodies, and connoisseurs.


All our Products Are Artisan, so supply is Limited 


Miro 5 Healthy Food Mediterranean Gourmet Gift Basket Items.
$53.50 $59.90


Centenarian Premium 100% Picual, variety from a 100 years old olive tree. Made from hand-harvested olives, all of which are grown, crushed, and pressed, In the same land. It takes 4 hours from the harvesting of the fruit until bottled. We do it with love and passion, just like our ancestors since 1640. Origin Jaen.3.4 oz

 White Balsamic Vinegar from Fino grapes; done with the workmanship of an area (Montilla-Moriles) recognized as the birthplace of vinegar producing vinegar since 3000bc. this supreme product has a clean taste, zing, and sweetness. Aged in American Oak barrels. Origin Cordoba.6.76 Fl Oz               

 ✔Paprika Sea Salt Flakes. all-natural, premium quality, pure ground sun-dried red peppers from “La Vera “Spain a recognized DO region, which contributes a rich smokey flavor and distinctive red hue. These aromatic mountain red peppers flake salt can be sprinkled over a wide variety of dishes. Origin Caceres. 5.64 Oz 

Red, White & Jasmine jams are produced locally using a minimum of 65% fruit. Produced in the old family tradition of preserving fruit using quality ingredients and slow cooking over a low temperature, this special process results in a homemade taste that you won't find in mass-produced jams. Origin Murcia. 3 units X 1.41oz.

Black Olives Tapenades from Cuquillo variety are made with the finest ingredients: 99% Cuquillo olives, extra virgin olive oils, and aromatic herbs. We have carefully selected local artisans who share our passion for tradition-making it truly a special Tapa experience. Origin: Murcia 4.5oz. A brilliant GOURMET GIFT for cooking fans, foodies, and wine lovers. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. FREE SHIPPING.


All our Products Are Artisan, so supply is Limited


Dali Mediterranean Gourmet Food Gift Basket 5 Spanish items
$54.90 $65.00

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil with black truffle is an exquisite premium olive oil, Blending the rich flavor of Arbequina olives with the delicate aroma of black truffles to create an indulgent blend with intense flavor and a unique aroma which has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Origin Soria.3.38 Fl oz.

Piquillo Pepper Tapenade is the top of the top when it comes to fine tapenade. Chef Ole's rich, delicious Pepper Tapenade is made with finest ingredients. Anyone who has ever tasted this product will tell you that this is one of the most delicious Piquillo pepper tapenades available on the market today. Origin Lodosa.4.59oz

Sea Salt Flakes & Black Truffle, infused with just the right quantity of truffles. This combination will transform any ordinary dish into a culinary experience Origin Soria.3.53oz.✔ Fry Marcona Almonds with Rosemary is an innovative product to be used and enjoyed in many different ways, offering a tasty and nutritious snack. Origin Murcia.4.4oz

Andalusian tomato sauce is not only a great tasting sauce; it is also extremely versatile. It combines classic tomato-based ingredients with the flavors of Mediterranean herbs. The result is a unique tasting sauce that can be used to enhance recipes and create new taste experiences. Origin Cadiz.8.1oz

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. FREE SHIPPING. Great Gift Set for Foodies | Gift the discovery of flavors as a unique present for a food lover, cooking lover, gourmet foodie, Cheese advocate, wine lover, or just anyone who enjoys a good meal!

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