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Ready to Eat Boxes (Tapas)
Chef Ole Olivia Gourmet Set of Spanish Olives - 4 Jars Gordal Olives, 1 Jar
$52.00 $60.00

{Authentic Spanish Food Steeped in History} Chef Ole brings you the Olivia olive gift basket. 5 delectable jars present a luscious olive variety sampler from Sevilla, Andalusia, and more. This gourmet gift basket hails from a company that's traded in fine foods since 1926. The attention to detail arises in a gourmet olives gift set with unique epicure flavors; a fine gift for any occasion. paprika, a must-try for any olive lover.

{Travel Around Spain with Sublime Olives} The Olivia Spanish gift basket contains 5 jars of amazing Gordal olives and caperberries. The Mediterranean olives have an herby, garlic-rosemary flavor. La Abuela is Chef Ole's bestselling and historical recipe. The Andalusian has tomatoes, capers, garlic, and oregano. Sevilla contains wood-roasted pepper and Spanish paprika. Caperberries are briny and tender.

{Curated Carefully by a True Epicurean} Each olives gift basket contains jars that have gone through rigorous testing by the owner of Chef Ole himself. He grew up in his father's fine foods importation business. He started honing his palate for artisanal gourmet foods at only 11 years old. Now, no products reach the shelves without his careful curation. These are savory fine foods worth remembering.

{That Versatile Touch of Spain} Our large olives and caperberries are so versatile. Eat them on their own as tapas or cocas de picar. Use them as martini olives, or add them to salads or charcuterie boards. Each of our Olivia olives is full-bodied and flavorful, making them a great addition to deviled eggs and other full-flavored meals. Pair them with Brie and a velvety red for a touch of luxury!

{A Truly Unique Gourmet Gift} When your present has to make an impact, bring a Spanish food basket that won't soon be forgotten. You can pair these with a Pinot Noir to make gourmet gift baskets with wine, or include some Jamon Serrano and Manchego cheese for a well-rounded Spanish food gift basket. You could also give these delicious olives on their own as corporate gifts for clients. Buen provecho!


St Miguel Gourmet Gift Basket; 5 Delicious Appetizers, Ready-to-Eat Spanish Conserves and Appetizers; Black Olives,
$50.00 $59.00

Ultimate Spanish Treats for Connoisseurs: Get a taste of delectable Spanish delicacies that will keep you asking for more. This gourmet basket showcases Spanish food as nothing else can do. It contains a selection of appetizers and dips that will enliven any evening gathering.

A Showcase of Spanish Produce: The basket contains five specialty Spanish food items to tingle and tease your taste buds. From delicious black olives tapenade to succulent oversized green olives, white tuna, or mussels, you get it all in the basket with high-quality produce sourced from Spain.

Artisanal Food Gift Basket: All products in the St Miguel Gourmet Gift Basket are made in small batches from ingredients that are curated from the best products in Spain. Strict quality control at all stages and minimum processing preserves the color, taste, and texture of the ingredients.

Healthy Food Treat: All the products included in this healthy food gift basket are made from natural ingredients. They are non-GMO, low-sugar, and gluten-free. They contain no additives, artificial coloring, or flavoring agents. All you taste is the goodness of premium ingredients and the love with which they have been prepared.

Gourmet Food Gift Basket: Carry it to an evening spent with friends, or gift it to someone you know who loves food. It is an ideal gift for anyone and any occasion. Share this gift basket over wine, cheese, and happy memories.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. FREE SHIPPING. All our Products are Artisan, so supply is Limited.    

Chef Ole Cruz,Canned Seafood Sampler Variety Pack with Small Scallops, White Tuna In Olive Oil,
$48.00 $63.00

Dedication To Quality: My name is Luis, am the Foodie-CEO of Chef Ole gift basket with a simple goal which is to bring you authentic, top-of-the-line Mediterranean gourmet products that are made by seasoned artisans that have been making these recipes for generations. We’ve been in business for almost 100 years now which started with my father smuggling gourmet products in the Caribbean Sea

A Variety Of Flavors: Each pack comes with 3 delicious seafood and 2 garnishes that include White Tuna Fish in Olive Oil, Small Scallops In Galician Sauce, Mussels from Galicia in Marinade, Wood Roasted Peppers, and Jumbo Caperberries to enjoy at home and on the go

✔Simple Recipes & Quality Ingredients: We combine carefully chosen ingredients with traditional recipes to bring you authentic, top-of-the-line Mediterranean gourmet products that are made by seasoned artisans that have been making these recipes for generations just like their fathers before them

Deeply Flavorful: The canned Spanish seafood variety pack captures the deep and fresh taste of freshly cooked seafood to bring you rich, natural bold flavors that are unique to the region. Enjoy them as snacks or add them to your favorite recipes to elevate their flavor

Enjoy Every Day: Our canned tuna fish, sea scallops, and canned mussels are packed with vitamins and proteins to make a delicious snack for kids and adults. They contain no gluten, no additives, and no harsh chemicals so you can enjoy them and support your everyday diet

The wood-roasted peppers and caper berries with stems are the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of foods. They pair deliciously with seafood and add another dimension of complex flavors to elevate your tapas.

Delicious Gift Idea: This gourmet seafood gift box makes the perfect gift for any foodie in your life. With its variety of flavors and quality ingredients, this seafood variety sampler pack makes the perfect gift for Housewarming, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Christmas, and more


Nadal Dips Gourmet Gift Set. 5 Delicious Flavors : Black Olive, Green Olive, Roasted Pepper,
$52.00 $60.00

Authentic Spanish Recipe: Carefully crafted and tweaked to perfection, Chef Ole Nadal’s Tapenade recipes are Spanish at heart. These tapenades capture the bold flavors of Spain and are a befitting tribute to its culinary traditions.

✔Ingredients Sourced from Spain: Take a gourmet tour around Spain with our Tapenade dips and spreads. Take your pick from Andalusian olives or Catalonian Asparagus. Choose the smokey flavor of roasted peppers or enjoy the sweetness of Piquillo from Northern Spain.

✔Created By Epicureans for Foodies: Each of these flavors has been carefully curated by our team of expert cooks. The recipes are tested and tweaked until they satisfy the taste buds of our food experts. Every jar is a testimony to taste and flavor.

✔Versatile Gift of Spain: Chef Ole Nadal’s Tapenade gift set opens a world of culinary possibilities for any cook. Add it to your soups, paellas, and sauces. Spread it on your bread, chips, or crackers. Use it in cold pasta or salad or simply add a Mediterranean twist to your pizzas and burgers.

✔Gourmet Gift for Food Lovers: Celebrate special occasions with a gift of Spanish flavors. Spread the taste and joy with this fine selection of tapenades. This gift pack contains a delightful selection of tapenades that will enliven the heart of any gastronome.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. FREE SHIPPING. All our Products are Artisan, so supply is Limited.    

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